How to Have a Kick-ass Hannukah

by JewBelong

A great story of triumph, fried food, gifts and — let’s be honest — no synagogue required makes Hanukkah one of the most fun Jewish holidays. Make yours even more kick-ass by following these simple steps:

1: Hanukkah Is Great For Pyromaniacs

My grandfather used to do this, and it made me think he was basically superman. On the seventh or eighth night, when you have a decent amount of candles, run your index finger across the flames quickly – fast enough so you don’t burn your finger, but slowly enough so your finger turns a little bit black from the soot. This trick is best when done for little kids, but not done by little kids.

2: Dreidel

Oy. Go ahead and give it a try. You can Google the rules. But I warn you, dreidel may be the dullest game ever, even with the gambling. It was started when the ancient Jews were hiding in caves learning Torah. They would play dreidel for a break. Some break – I’d almost rather study Torah. For the love of God, if you know a way to make dreidel an exciting game, let the world know.

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